Integrating Digital Storytelling in your Classroom
-Course Description, Goals, Objectives, Assessment (PDF)
-Digital Storytelling Retreat at Makaha Sheraton (PDF)
-2006 Hawai`i Campus Digital Storytelling Retreat Agenda (PDF)

Digital Storytelling Resources
-Digital Storytelling with iMovie (softcover text) by Mark Standley & Skip Via
-Digital Storytelling (PDF) by Mark Standley
-Digital Storytelling Overview
-Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
-Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom

-What is a Storyboard and Ways to Make It
-Collection of Storyboarding Links, Collected by Liz Toguchi, Kamehameha Middle School 7th Grade Science Teacher
-Teacher-Created Storyboards (Samples from "Digital Storytelling in the Classroom" Courses)
-Storyboarding: Acting with a Pencil
-Storyboarding Your Movie Scene Template (PDF)
-Blank Storyboard (PDF)

-Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers Chart (PDF) from Technology & Learning Magazine

-The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use (Article) from Education World

Guidelines for Shooting Video, PowerPoint
-Rule of Thirds by Kids Vid
-Application of Rule of Thirds, Photos taken by Paul Kema, Kamehameha Alumnus

-Interviewing Techniques (PDF) by University of Missouri Lincoln University, Outreach & Extension
-Conducting an Interview Checklist (PDF) by Amy Callahan, KMS Grade 8 English; based on presentation by Bob Hogue

iMovie 3
-Screen Definition
-Working with Clips
-Titles, Part I
-Titles, Part II

Overview of GarageBand (PowerPoint created by Gayla Traylor, KES, K-3)

Dreamweaver MX
-QuickStart, Part I
-QuickStart, Part II
-QuickStart, Part III

Photoshop Elements 2
-Basic Features of Photoshop Elements (Activities)
-How To Touch Up and Edit Photos in Photoshop Elements (Tutorial)
-Removing Red Eye Instructions (PDF)

-Analytic vs. Holistic Rubrics, From
-Creating an Original Rubric, From
-Chocolate Chip Rubric, Created by a group of postgraduate education students at the University of San Francisco
-Digital Storytelling Evaluation Rubric (PDF) by Skip Via, 2002
-Generic Digital Storytelling Rubric
-Teacher-Created Rubric Template, Created by Keahi, Jona, and Deane of KMS
-Online Rubric Generator for All Disciplines

Student Movies
-Movies from Kamehameha's iMuaMovie Festival 2004, Grades 7-8 videos from Kapalama, Maui and Hawai'i campuses
-Movies from 2005 Digital Storytelling Camp in Ke'ei, Hawaii, Grades 7-12 videos from Kapalama, Maui and Hawai'i campuses
KMS iMuaMovie Festival 2006, Grades 7-8 festival from KMS Kapalama campus
-2004 Island Movie Winners, Award-winning videos from K-12 students in the Hawaii DOE

-K-12 student videos from Springfield, Illinois

Teacher-Created Movies
-Movies from Integrating Digital Storytelling in the Classroom Course, Fall 2004